Easy way to create a form to email in SharePoint without using infopath


Does anyone know a good way to do this? I need to have simple forms that submit to email without writing a lot of code. These forms will be hosted in content-viewer web parts or similar in MOSS 2007. I'd like to avoid using InfoPath.

Best Solution

You could use a list which would give you the input form.

It depends on a) whether people should be able to see each other's submissions and b) who the e-mail should go to.

You could set an alert (Actions -> Alert Me) to send an e-mail to a person/people when a new item is added to the list.

In Settings -> List Settings -> Advanced Settings, there's the options for which items a user can see/edit. Alerts however cannot be set on lists where users can only see their own items. In this case, I would use a simple workflow to send the e-mail. I've only worked with MOSS 2007 and SharePoint Designer though - I'm not sure about WSS.

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