English Error Messages in German Visual Studio 2008 / ASP.NET


This might be a bit weird question, but I'll give it a shot:

HELP, my Visual Studio 2008 / ASP.NET is giving me GERMAN error messages. Besides the fact that translations tend to be not as good as the original text, I can't search for those and find relevant answers to my problems on the internet.

So: How do I switch my German Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition to English locals?

Update – Just to make it clear:

I am a German developer, working with a German Windows Vista… I also have a German version of Visual Studio, so it is not surprising, that everything is German. Is just don't want it that way… There must be a way to install english locals into my Visual Studio, though? Or uninstall german ones, so that default english is used?!?

(BTW: Same thing for SQL Server Management Studio, too. F**k "Sichten". I want "Views". That's how you really call them. No one says "Sichten", not even here in Germany, and not even though it is translated correctly).

Best Solution

Go to the Control Panel -> Software. There are language packs for .NET (for each version one). Uninstall them.