R – Enumerating translated .resx resources at runtime in WPF application


I've been doing localization for my WPF application by storing strings in .resx files. My default (english) string resource is strings.resx. For other languages are called strings.fr-FR.resx for French, strings.es-ES.resx for Spanish and so on.

This method of localization has been great as my app will automatically load up the right string when I set the Globalization region to a matching locale, and defaults to English when there isn't.

Is it possible at runtime to enumerate which languages are in my Assembly?

I could get around this and hard code in which languages are included, but this can change from build to build as a build server is putting together the language resx's and building dynamically.

Best Solution

I see two options, none of which is ideal...

  • Enumerate all known cultures (CultureInfo.GetCultures), and try to get a given ressource for this culture => simple but slow
  • Look for satellite assemblies in your application's directory : for each subdirectory, check if it's name corresponds to a culture name (CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo), and if it contains a .resources.dll file
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