Erlang emakefile explain


I have an Emakefile that looks like:

%% --
%% --

  {outdir, "/Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/ebin"},  
  {i, "/Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/include/."}
  1. What is an explanation in layman's terms for what each item does in the list?
  2. How do I run the emakefile so that I am able to compile it?
  3. After compilation, how do I run that generated BEAM file?

Best Solution

1/ {"source files globbed", Options}

Here the options are :

  • debug_info add debug info for the debugger

  • {outdir, "/Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/ebin"} where should the output be written (the .beam files)

  • {i, "/Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/include/."} where to find the .hrl header files.

2/ erl -make

3/ erl -pa /Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/ebin starts a shell.

Find the module serving as an entry point in your application and call the functions : module:start().

You can also run the code non interactively :

erl -noinput -noshell -pa /Users/user/projects/custom_test/trunk/ebin -s module start

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