R – Error in fetch(key) : lazy-load database


I don't know what is going on, everything was working great but suddenly I started to have this error message on the documentation:

Error in fetch(key) : lazy-load database '……descopl.rdb' is

I removed almost all my code and build again then publish to Github, but when I use the other laptop to download the package, the package is being downloaded and loaded but I can't call any of the functions, and the documentation states that error.

I don't know what caused the problem, I am using roxygen to generate the documentation.


Best Solution

It seems that the error arises when the package cannot be decompressed by R (as @rawr established, it is corrupt). This solutions have worked for me:

1) Check for possible errors in the creation of the .Rdb files

2) Try restarting your R session (e.g. .rs.restartR() if in RStudio)

3) The package might have been installed in your computer (even though it does not work). Remove it using ?remove.packages()

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