Excel – Exporting from SSRS to Excel with no headers


Is there a way to export to excel from an SSRS report so that the header that displays on the first page of the report is omitted only in the excel export? Currently, it adds a frozen frame to the top of the worksheet.

Best Solution


Also see my answer about how to add a new Excel rendering option that strips the header

Original answer follows:

If you can get the URL for the Excel output (some versions of SSRS leave the browser displaying it), you can append some code to the end:


This removes the header. This is a manual hack that comes in handy, or you can add it to the rsreportserver.config file

    <Extension Name="EXCEL" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.ExcelRenderer.ExcelRenderer,Microsoft.ReportingServices.ExcelRendering">

Failing that there's Aspose.Cells or OfficeWriter - I haven't used either product, I just know of their existence.

Or for the really brave, you can create your own custom renderer