R – Extended Camera control on Windows Mobile


I know how to capture a camera snaphot on Windows Mobile 5.0/6 using SHCameraCapture. But is there something more extensive that allows me much finer control? Namely to get available zoom levels and to set the zoom level programmatically, also e.g. different ISO modes / lightsensitivity and setting of macro mode if available. (I.e. similar to what JSR 234 offers).

My project is probably going to be written in C++.

Update: It is supposed to run on all available WM 5.0 and 6 devices. I am looking for a generic solution that is not specific to a particular model.

Best Solution

For the ISO modes, light sensitivity and other advanced controls etc. it is usually device specific from everything I've seen. I know different manufacturers will expose their imager libraries through their SDKs. What sort of mobile device are you using? Check with the manufacturer for an API exposed through their SDK.

For simple stuff you've probably already had a look at the following Class:

CameraCaptureDialog Class

And for things like image quality this one:

CameraCaptureStillQuality Enumeration

** Note: These are for Windows Mobile 6.