Fail to install software during Debian installation on Virtualbox


I'm trying to install a Debian Jessie (8.7.1) on a Virtualbox VM.

During the Debian software installation, which correspond to the step after the choice of which software I'm want to install (see screen bellow)
enter image description here

the installation is getting lock around 27% and then shows a fail screen (see screen bellow)
enter image description here

When I'm looking at /var/log/syslog after having aborted the installation, I can see this
enter image description here

Apparently, the VM is unable to connect to some hosts.

Is it normal ? Should I ignore this step ?
Do you have some ways to explore? Or some ideas?

Best Solution

For anyone still struggling with this, I finally managed to fix it (albeit on Parrot) by upping the disk size to 32 GB I tried 8GB, 10GB and 20GB but that was apparently not enough! I also tried messing around with many other settings including boot orders and RAM but that was not it either. Nor was it the ISO in my case but increasing the size to 32 GB worked. Hope this helps. Don

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