R – fastest in-memory cache for XslCompiledTransform


I have a set of xslt stylesheet files. I need to produce the fastest performance of XslConpiledTransform, so i want to make in-memory representation of these stylesheets.

I can load them to in-memory collection as IXpathNavigable on application start, and then load each IXPAthNavigable into singleton XslCompiledTransform on each request.
But this works only for styleshhets without xsl:import or xsl:include. (Xsl:import is only for files).

also i can load into cache many instances of XSLCompiledTransform for each template. Is it reasonable?

Are there other ways? What is the best? what are another tips for improving performance MS Xslt processor?

Best Solution

After the successful execution of Load() on an instance of XslCompiledTransform, this instance can be cached in order to achieve better performance.

Do remember that Load() is a very expensive operation.

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