R – Flex: How to access the data in the flex form and submit it to a ColdFusion cfc


I want to submit the values of a flex form to a ColdFusion cfc.

If I have a flex form (see below) is the data in the form an object? Or do I have to create an object based on the id's in the form and then pass that new object to the coldfusion component?

<mx:Form x="10" y="10" width="790" id="myFrom" defaultButton="{createReport}">
    <mx:FormItem label="Resume Report Type:">
    <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="showtype"/>
        <mx:RadioButton groupName="showtype" id="NotUpdated" value="notupdated" label="Not Updated" width="100"  />
        <mx:RadioButton groupName="showtype" id="Updated" value="updated" label="Updated" width="75"  />
        <mx:RadioButton groupName="showtype" id="All" value="all" label="All" width="75"  />
    <mx:FormItem label="User Organzation:">
        <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{qOrganization}" labelField="UserOrganization" />    </mx:FormItem>

    <mx:FormItem label="Between the following dates:">
            <mx:DateField left="10"/>

        <mx:Button label="Create Report" id="createReport"/>

Best Solution

There is no data bound to any of the controls in the form (except for the dataProvider for the ComboBox). If you want to extract the data from the form with minimal modifications, assign an "id" property to each control and the access them programmatically from ActionScript:

var obj : MyObject = new MyObject();
obj.beginDate = beginDate.selectedDate;
obj.endDate = endDate.selectedDate;
obj.organization = Organization(comboOrg.selectedItem);
// etc
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