Formatting a double in JSF


I have a problem similar to the one found here : JSF selectItem label formatting.

What I want to do is to accept a double as a value for my and display it with two decimals. Can this be done in an easy way?

I've tried using but that seems to be applied on the value from the inputText that is sent to the server and not on the initial value in the input field.

My code so far:

<h:inputText id="december" value="#{budgetMB.december}" onchange="setDirty()" styleClass="StandardBlack">
    <f:convertNumber maxFractionDigits="2" groupingUsed="false" />

EDIT: The above code actually works. I was fooled by JDeveloper that didn't update the jsp page even when I did a explicit rebuild of my project and restarted the embedded OC4J server. However, after a reboot of my computer everything was fine.

Best Solution

If I'm not misunderstanding your requirement, I was able to achieve formatting of the value in the input box during the rendering of the view with:

<h:inputText id="text1" value="#{...}">
    <f:convertNumber pattern="#,###,##0.00"/>

I was using the Standard Faces Components in my vendor-branded Eclipse so I'm assuming the pattern attribute is part of standard JSF.