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Expanding on Free install wizard software I am looking for a cross platform installer. We support something like 27 platform variations and most of the installers mentioned in the other question are windows only. We are looking for something portable, possibly java based but I suppose any scripting language would also work. Suggestions?

In order of number of platforms under each OS: linux, solaris, windows, hpux, aix, zlinux, bsd, OSX, OS/360 (I don't care about this one). So about as much variation as you can get without VMS or mainframe. A lot of the linux platforms are similar varying only in version of libc. But we do support 32 and 64 bit on each processor on which the OS runs. As an example we support 4 solaris platforms:

  • solaris sparc 32
  • solaris sparc 64
  • solaris x86 32 bit
  • solaris x86 64 bit

Best Solution

IzPack ?

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