Getting tree conflicts in Subversion


I had a feature branch of my trunk and was merging changes from my trunk into my branch periodically and everything was working fine. Today I went to merge the branch back down into the trunk and any of the files that were added to my trunk after the creation of my branch were flagged as a "tree conflict". Is there a way to avoid this in the future?

I don't think these are being properly flagged.

Best Solution

I found the solution reading the link that Gary gave (and I suggest to follow this way).

Summarizing to resolve the tree conflict committing your working directory with SVN client 1.6.x you can use:

svn resolve --accept working -R .

where . is the directory in conflict.

WARNING: "Committing your working directory" means that your sandbox structure will be the one you are committing, so if, for instance, you deleted some file from your sandbox they will be deleted from the repository too. This applies only to the conflicted directory.

In this way, we are suggesting SVN to resolve the conflict (--resolve), accepting the working copy inside your sandbox (--accept working), recursively (-R), starting from the current directory (.).

In TortoiseSVN, selecting "Resolved" on right click, actually resolves this issue.