.net – Google Chrome extension for Click Once


I have a client that wants to use Google Chrome for an internal web app we've developed(I don't blame him, I really enjoy using chrome!)

The problem is we have a win forms app that the users can launch from the browser, deployed using click once. I've known for a while that chrome doesn't support click once, but I figured by now there might be some support out there.

I have spent a few minutes searching around stack overflow and Google and didn't find anything obvious that suggests if anyone is planning on it or has developed a click once extension for chrome(similar to FFClickOnce).

So, has anyone got click once working under chrome or has anyone seen any news of a plug-in/extension that will support click once?

Best Solution

Google Chrome doesn't really support extensions adding the .NET version to the user agent but for plain launching .applications give this a try:

https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/eeifaoomkminpbeebjdmdojbhmagnncl (No more available)