R – Having trouble displaying thai characters in Silverlight 3


Hi I am writing a small utility too using silverlight 3 and WCF for our localization team to check and correct the translations stored in .NET resource files (*.resx).

The tool displays all the text from selected resource file in a grid and allows the user to edit it if required. I have got it working for almost all langauges (Korean, chinese, turky etc) except for Thai.

Thai is having some problem rendering in the silverlight grid (or any other control in silverlight). It shows only sqauare characters which is of no use. I dont know why Thai is treated specially by silverlight. Let me know if anyone has found a solution to work around this limitation?


Best Solution

I'm assuming you're using unicode of some sort for this.

You need to use a font which includes Thai characters (I believe Arial Unicode MS does, for example). The square characters you're seeing are probably subsitute characters.

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