R – Hosting WCF Rest Services in WPF Application


Hi i have some REST services created with WCF Rest Started Kit and i need to host these services in a WPF app. can someone point in the right direction?

Best Solution

There's a really good project in Codeplex called "WCF Guidance for WPF developers" which has white papers, articles, mini screencast to show you a lot of ways to use and leverage WCF if you're a WPF developer:


Not sure if they have anything on REST webservices - but go have a look!

For a series of intros to WCF REST Starter Kit services per se, go see the Pluralsight web site and their screencast series - excellent resources!


Basically, hosting a WCF REST service in your WPF app is no different from hosting any other WCF service, so I do believe all the excellent Pluralsight screencasts on hosting your own service should definitely give you a heads-up on how to proceeed!