R – How is skill building for Sharepoint different from ASP.NET?


How much of ASP.NET or C# is required for Sharepoint development? Do you need experience with things like developing N layered web applications, design patterns, test driven development, strong SQL background etc?

I hear that Sharepoint development is different from enterprise applications thats typically built with technologies like ASP.NET.

If I know my basics in .NET, C# and have some experience with ASP.NET and have good understanding of things like Page lifecycle in webforms, web parts, Master pages etc, then am I ready for Sharepoint?

Also, is Infopath very heavily used in Sharepoint development?

Best Solution

If you already know ASP.NET than you are ready for SharePoint development. Get familiar with its SDK and other development concepts. SharePoint Dev Wiki might also be a good start.

A must have for new developers is to learn SharePoint from end user perspective. I am using this book to train the new guys. If you do not understand these concepts it might be hard to start coding.

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