.net – How should I set the default proxy to use default credentials


The following code works for me:

var webProxy = WebProxy.GetDefaultProxy();
webProxy.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy = webProxy;

Unfortunately, WebProxy.GetDefaultProxy() is deprecated. What else should I be doing?

(using app.config to set the defaultProxy settings is not allowed in my deployment)

Best Solution

For those who, unlike Brian Genisio, are able to set the contents of their application's config file:- don't do anything in code. Instead add this to your app.config / web.config.

  <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" />

Really and truly the default for using the default credentials should be "true"; I've seen this issue confuse so many people - developers, users, IT guys.

For more info see here:- http://sticklebackplastic.com/post/2007/01/26/Poxy-proxies.aspx

UPDATE: I've created this issue/idea for Microsoft to change the default of useDefaultCredentials from false to true so that this whole problem goes away and .NET apps "just work"; please vote it up if you agree: