R – How to change language contexts in Textmate bundles


I'd like to get my Textmate bundles to use the correct contexts based on what I'm editing. For example I use YUI a lot so I'd like the HTML bundle to use the YUI JS bundle instead of the standard JS one, etc.

Can anyone suggest where and what I should be editing to make that happen. Bonus points for tips on bundle editing.

Best Solution

The thing we are talking about here is scope. You'll have to edit your Bundle elements scope.

Let's take a look:

alt text http://mtod.org/so/scope.png

Now, edit the scope to a wider one, for example use source.js instead of source.js.yui. This should be applied to every snippet, command, etc. in the Bundle. You could probably do a search & replace directly on your Bundle files.

alt text http://mtod.org/so/edit.png

That's it. Bundle snippet triggered below.

alt text http://mtod.org/so/yui.png

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