How to close TCP and UDP ports via windows command line


Does somebody knows how to close a TCP or UDP socket for a single connection via windows command line?

Googling about this, I saw some people asking the same thing. But the answers looked like a manual page of netstat or netsh commands focusing on how to monitor the ports. I don't want answers on how to monitor them (I already do this). I want to close/kill them.

EDIT, for clarification: Let's say that my server listens TCP port 80. A client makes a connection and port 56789 is allocated for it. Then, I discover that this connection is undesired (e.g. this user is doing bad things, we asked them to stop but the connection didn't get dropped somewhere along the way). Normally, I would add a firewall to do the job, but this would take some time, and I was in an emergency situation. Killing the process that owns the connection is really a bad idea here because this would take down the server (all users would lose functionality when we just want to selectively and temporally drop this one connection).

Best Solution

  1. open cmd

    • type in netstat -a -n -o

    • find TCP [the IP address]:[port number] .... #[target_PID]# (ditto for UDP)

    • (Btw, kill [target_PID] didn't work for me)

  2. CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choose "start task manager"

    • Click on "Processes" tab

    • Enable "PID" column by going to: View > Select Columns > Check the box for PID

    • Find the PID of interest and "END PROCESS"

  3. Now you can rerun the server on [the IP address]:[port number] without a problem

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