Reactjs – How to config ESLint for React on Atom Editor


In Atom Editor I installed the following plugins

  1. linter
  2. linter-eslint

It seems they don't recognize the JSX syntaxis.

I have it working on the command line but had to use other plugins like esprima-fb and eslint-plugin-react. Looks like there are no such plugins for Atom Editor and would like to know if anyone of you knows a way to hack around this.

Best Solution

To get Eslint working nicely with React.js:

  1. Install linter & linter-eslint plugins
  2. Run npm install eslint-plugin-react
  3. Add "plugins": ["react"] to your .eslintrc config file
  4. Add "ecmaFeatures": {"jsx": true} to your .eslintrc config file

Here is an example of a .eslintrc config file:

    "env": {
        "browser": true,
        "node": true

    "globals": {
        "React": true

    "ecmaFeatures": {
        "jsx": true

    "plugins": [

I am using Eslint v1.1.0 at the moment.

Side note: I had to install both eslint and eslint-plugin-react as project dependencies (e.g., npm install eslint eslint-plugin-react --save-dev). Hopefully this helps.

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