How to delete all untracked files from the working directory in Mercurial


Is it possible to delete all untracked files from my working directory? Let's say I added a bunch of files to my working directory, didn't add them via 'hg add' and now want to get rid of those new files entirely?

I'm on windows, although I'm using PowerShell, so a combined solution is also possible here.

Best Solution

Add the Mercurial Extension called purge. It is distributed by Mercurial.

This extension adds a “purge” command to “hg” that removes files not known to Mercurial. i.e. untracked Files. So your command would be,

hg purge

It is not enabled by default, maybe to avoid accidentally removing files that you forgot to add.

To install this extension, add this to your mercurial settings file (.hgrc on Unix, Mercurial.ini on Windows)

purge = 

To enable this extension temporarily you can use

hg purge --config extensions.purge=