Windows – How to deploy Dockerfile and application files to boot2docker


I'm just starting to learn Docker, and I'm trying to get a simple setup with boot2docker on Windows. I could not find in any tutorial or samples online how to make my project files accessible to the boot2docker VM.

I downloaded boot2docker, and succeeded in installing it and getting it up and running. I can also ssh into it and run the hello world docker example, so I know I have a working Docker installation in the VM.

Now, the question: How do I get my Dockerfile and my application files on the boot2docker VM so that I can build a Docker container?

In other words, I'm trying to do this from the boot2docker VM:

$ cd /some-directory-from-my-host-os
$ docker build .

I tried following the instructions on and setup a SAMBA share, and I can successfully connect from Windows to the share at \\\data but that doesn't tell me how to access that same directory from within the boot2docker VM.

I feel like the answer might be obvious, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who will hit that wall. Thanks for your help!

Update – Now Built-In in boot2docker 1.3!

Since boot2docker 1.3, the ability to mount a shared folder has been added, so the VM can share your dev folder directly. More information here:

Best Solution

Not sure if it helps under windows. But for Mac see:

boot2docker together with VirtualBox Guest Additions
How to mount /Users into boot2docker

tl;dr Build your own custom boot2docker.iso with VirtualBox Guest Additions (see link) or download and save it to ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso.