Wpf – How to detect double click on list view scroll bar


I have two list view on WPF. The first listview is loaded with a Datatable. When double clicking on one item from the first listview, the selectedItem is moved to the second listview.

The problem arises when appears an scroll bar in the first list view due to a lot of elements loaded from the DataTable. If a select one item and double click on the scroll bar down arrow, MouseDoubleClick event is launched and the selected item is moved to the second listview.

How I can detect the double click on the scroll bar to prevent this?

Thanks a lot!

Best Solution

I tested the above code which was very helpful, but found the following to be more stable, as sometimes the source gets reported as GridViewRowPresenter when in fact you are double clicking an item.

var src = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent((DependencyObject)e.OriginalSource);
var srcType = src.GetType();
if (srcType == typeof(ListViewItem) || srcType == typeof(GridViewRowPresenter))
    // Your logic here