How to find controls in a repeater header or footer


I was wondering how one would find the controls in the HeaderTemplate or FooterTemplate of an Asp.Net Repeater control.

I can access them on the ItemDataBound event, but I was wondering how to get them after (for example to retrieve a value of an input in the header/footer).

Note: I posted this question here after finding the answer just so that I remember it (and maybe other people might find this useful).

Best Solution

As noted in the comments, this only works AFTER you've DataBound your repeater.

To find a control in the header:

lblControl = repeater1.Controls[0].Controls[0].FindControl("lblControl");

To find a control in the footer:

lblControl = repeater1.Controls[repeater1.Controls.Count - 1].Controls[0].FindControl("lblControl");

With extension methods

public static class RepeaterExtensionMethods
    public static Control FindControlInHeader(this Repeater repeater, string controlName)
        return repeater.Controls[0].Controls[0].FindControl(controlName);

    public static Control FindControlInFooter(this Repeater repeater, string controlName)
        return repeater.Controls[repeater.Controls.Count - 1].Controls[0].FindControl(controlName);
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