How to find out API functions of DLL files


Is there a way to get all the API (Export) functions from a DLL file?

I know that programs such as Depends and PE Explorer can do that but none of them retrieve the argument list.

Best Solution

Unless the exported functions are something like a COM DLL or C++ with munging, the information simply isn't there to provide the arguments. It's normally possible to find the total size of the arguments, and there's a pretty decent chance that dividing by 4 will give something close to the right number, but beyond that it's down to manual labor, reading the assembly code to figure out how arguments are used.

If it's a COM DLL, it may include a type library that tells all about the contents of the DLL and how to use it. In this case, there will typically be only a very few exported functions to look at though -- you'll have to use COM to get at the real functionality.

If they're munged C++ names, then it'll depend on the compiler/toolset used to create the DLL. For example, if it was created with VC++, you can use UnDecorateSymbolName() to get the full name and arguments.