Delphi – How to find out who’s causing an access violation error


I'm getting reports that my app is causing a GPF on some Vista machines. The error message is something like this:

access violation at 0x75784062 ( tried to write to 0x00000006)

In order to fix this, I first need to know exactly who is causing this GPF: my main exe, some third party component, one of my own activex components, a dll, etc…

How can I find this out? What tools can pinpoint the exact module that caused this mess?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS My app is coded in VB6 and my activex controls are written in Delphi 2007.

Best Solution

My suggestion would be to try either MadExcept link text or Eurekalog link text . These capture the unhandled exception and produce a stack dump at the point where the problem occurs.

No link to these other than as a satisfied customer. MadExcept has enabled me to track down and eliminate some very rare problems in my programs.

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