How to fix resharper line wrapping indents


Resharper seems to have gone berserk and is wrapping lines without an indent, i.e. they are hugging the margin. This uglyness makes me rip my shirt off and go wild.

                    gridView1.SetRowCellValue(gridView1.FocusedRowHandle, "PRIORITY",
polcvgSetCollection.Max(p => p.PRIORITY) + 1);                

See the line popping out of the brace. It's disgusting.

Can anyone help fix this? I've looked through the settings for Resharper->Options->Line Breaks and can't find which one will fix it. Cheers.

Best Solution

Is this possibly Visual Studio's Word Wrap rather than a Resharper setting? Try turning VS's wrapping off with:

Tools - Options - Text Editor - All Languages - Word Wrap