Json – How to get ASP.NET Web API to return JSON instead of XML using Chrome


Using the newer ASP.NET Web API, in Chrome I am seeing XML – how can I change it to request JSON so I can view it in the browser? I do believe it is just part of the request headers, am I correct in that?

Best Solution

Note: Read the comments of this answer, it can produce a XSS Vulnerability if you are using the default error handing of WebAPI

I just add the following in App_Start / WebApiConfig.cs class in my MVC Web API project.

    .Add(new MediaTypeHeaderValue("text/html") );

That makes sure you get JSON on most queries, but you can get XML when you send text/xml.

If you need to have the response Content-Type as application/json please check Todd's answer below.

NameSpace is using System.Net.Http.Headers.