R – How to get browsers other than IE to accept file urls


It is not uncommon for our intranet web applications to link to publications, documents, or other resources from our shared network file servers.

In the past, we've had little trouble fashioning links such as the following:


The reason we had no trouble is because everyone in the building uses IE6 or IE7 (very few have IE8). Both styles of URLs worked fine in Microsoft browsers it seems.

But if you try clicking such links in other browsers, specifically Firefox, nothing happens!

On a new intranet web app I'm developing I've been attempting to ensure cross-browser support, but any links to local computer or local network resources seem to be ignored in at least Firefox 3.5.3, though I admit I haven't yet checked other browsers.

Is there any way I can change the way I link to said files so that browsers like Firefox will accept them? I cannot do anything that requires installing scripts, software, extensions, or any other solution on a per-user/per-computer basis.

I realize the suppression of said links is a security thing, but these links would be originating from only trusted local intranet locations, so…

Best Solution

If this is intranet, you can build a little helper server/page/webservice/whatever to which you will link and pass file name as parameter:


And you will benefit from extended security, by the way.