How to hide the SiteMapPath root node on home page


How can I hide the root node in a SiteMapPath control when the user is on the root node page? For example, my breadcrumb trail on a child page is:

Home > Products > Hammers > Ball Peen

which is fine. But when the user is on the Home page, the SiteMapPath control displays


which is useless clutter. I want to suppress displaying Home (the root node) when the user is on the home page. I have the SiteMapPath control in a master page. Also, I'm handling SiteMapResolve to set the querystrings in the nodes.

Best Solution

One possible solution would be to simply hide the SiteMapPath control on the home page:

mySiteMapPath.Visible = (SiteMap.CurrentNode != SiteMap.RootNode);
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