Iphone – How to i stop the background thread from the main thread in Iphone NSthread


I start a background thread from my program while my main thread is checking something. If the checking goes false, I want to stop the running background thread and start it all over again with my new parameters.

I want to stop it coz the thread will be downloading images and if I doesnt stop it and call it again, it will take a lot of time for the new images to get downloaded. Is it possible to do so?

Best Solution

In my experience, its usually best to let a thread exit gracefully by itself. How about having some common variable that the main thread could set to false if things go awry. The second thread could periodically check this variable and if it has been set to false, it knows it should clean up and return.

I think you could use condition variables in a more elegant fashion, but his approach with the proper use of NSLock should work.

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