How to ignore login and logout requests in JMeter


I'm trying to test the performance of our webapp with JMeter. The login procedure includes some external dependencies that can't be reproduced during the test, so I've programmed an alternate login. As this alternate login request is not part of the normal workflow I would like to exclude the login request from the JMeter results because the response time is pretty high compared to the other normal requests.

Is there a way to collect results only for a set of requests, ignoring the rest?

Best Solution

TO my knowledge, there is not an easy way to exclude. However, by changing your structure, you can get what you want.

The Listeners tune into all children levels. Thus, if you have the listener as a direct child to the "test plan", all thread groups will be grabbed by the listener. If you have multiple threadgroups, and place the listener in Threadgroup A, it will not capture results from Threadgroup B. The same applies for Simple Controllers also.

I would suggest the following structure:

Test Plan
- Thread Group
---- Simple Controller - Login ONLY
---- Simple Controller - Rest of Script
--------- Listener
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