R – How to improve performance and memory usage with a large number of polygons on a canvas


The project I'm working on needs to render an ESRI shape file, which can have a large number of polygons/shapes. When I add all these polygons, lines, points, etc to the canvas I'm using, it gets really slow.

To draw the shapes on the map, I'm creating a Path object, and setting it's Data property to a StreamGeometry. I originally used a Polygon, but according to MSDN a StreamGeometry is much lighter weight.

How can I improve the performance? Would converting the finished product to a Bitmap, or VisualBrush help? Is there a more efficient way of to render all these shapes onto the canvas?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this needs to be able to work in a Partial-Trust XBAP.

Best Solution

No need to resort to GDI, you just need to move down a layer in the WPF API's and combine your geometry into fewer visuals. Pablo Fermicola has some useful information about picking which layer to use depending on your performance needs.

I've managed to get excellent performance using DrawingVisual and the DrawingContext class.

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