Qt – How to install QtDesigner


I just installed Qt 5.4.1 on Windows 7. And there is no QtDesigner. Also there is no QtDesigner in MaintenanceTool.
How can I install it?

Best Solution

You can install and find QT Designer as follows (Windows environment):

  • Install latest QT (I'm using 5.8) from QT main site
  • Make sure you include "Qt 5.8 MinGW" component
  • QT Designer will be installed in C:\Qt\5.8\mingw53_32\bin\designer.exe
  • Note that the executable is named "designer.exe"

UPDATE - there is an easier way to install QT Designer without downloading GB's of data from QT:

  • Install the latest version of "pyqt5-tools" using pip install pyqt5-tools --pre

  • The "designer.exe" will be installed in ...Lib\site-packages\pyqt5_tools

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