R – how to keep a nativewindow on top


I need to keep a NativeWindow I am creating on top of the main window of the application.

Currently I am using alwaysInFront = true, which is not limited to the windows in the application. I can successfully synchronize the minimize/restore/move/resize actions, so the top window behaves appropriately in those cases. Even though using this option has the drawback that if I alt-tab to other application the window goes on top of the other application.

Because of the above I am trying to get it to work without using the alwaysInFront. I have tried using orderInFrontOf and orderToFront, which gets it in place but when I click an area in the main window the top one becomes hidden i.e. air makes it the top one.

I have tried capturing activate/deactivate events but it only happens on the first click, so on the second click the top window becomes hidden again. I also tried making the top window active when the main one becomes active, but that causes the main one to loose focus and I can't click on anything.

Ps. I am doing this to improve the behavior of a HTMLOverlay I am using – see Flex Air HTMLLoader blank pop up window when flash content is loaded

Best Solution

Listening for Event.DEACTIVATE and calling event.preventDefault() should work. Not sure if that is what you have tried, but I have an app where that does the trick.

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