How to load program reading stdin and taking parameters in gdb


I have a program that takes input from
stdin and also takes some parameters
from command line. It looks like this:

cat input.txt > myprogram -path "/home/user/work"

I try to debug the code with gdb
inside emacs, by M-x gdb, I try to
load the program with the command:

gdb cat input.txt > myprogram -path "/home/user/work"

However, gdb does not like it.

Question cribbed from here.
Unfortunately I don't understand the solution and am not sure what to do beyond compiling with the -g option and running the command M-x gdb.

Best Solution

If you were doing it from a shell you'd do it like this:

% gdb myprogram
gdb> run params ... < input.txt

This seems to work within emacs too.