Firefox – How to make a file:// hyperlink that works in both IE and Firefox


In my documentation web pages, I often need to provide links to locations, files and applications (.xbap) stored on the intranet.

In IE, this works fine with URLs formatted like this:

<a href="file://///">Go to folder</a>
<a href="file://///">Download file</a>
<a href="file://///">Run xbap</a>

These links all work fine under IE, but in Firefox they don't.

Does anyone know how I can format the above links to work both in IE and Firefox?

The above link actually work if I put them in a local file. They stop working only in Firefox when they are part of a html file on the network (not on my machine). There must be some kind of security setting in Firefox that prevents file:/// links from working coming from external content?

Best Solution

just use


works in IE, Firefox and Chrome as far as I can tell.

see for more info