How to make Crystal Reports Page Width Larger During Design of .rpt


I'm looking for a method to resize the page width Crystal Reports gives me to place fields in my .rpt file.

So far I have discovered if I right click on the report, select 'design'/'printer setup', I can select the size of the paper I want the report to print out on. If I select 'Orientation/Landscape' I can increase the width of the page and I can place more fields on the report.

My goal: Place all of my fields on my report (around 25 of them) and export the data to Excel. Right now I do not have enough width to place all of the fields in the .rpt file.

Is there a way to increase the width of the page to an arbitrary number?

Best Solution

Found it:

Basically add a dummy printer to your system that can take a larger paper size and select that as your printer for the report.