How to move the local Tortoise SVN repository to our new Linux SVN server


I've been using Tortoise SVN (and VisualSVN) with a local repository on my desktop PC for a couple of months. We've just set up a Linux SVN server, and I want to move my repository to this server, preserving all my history. Once it's moved, I'll stop using the local repository.

The Tortoise docs suggest using the "Relocate…" command, but this complains about mismatched UUIDs. I found some suggestions on how to edit the UUID file to make it match the server, but Tortoise ignored the new value, even after a reboot.

Also, I currently don't have command line access to the Linux server, but can probably get it if I have to.

What's the best way to do this?

Best Solution

You need to svnadmin dump your local repository, get that dump file onto the Linux machine, and svnadmin load it there.

Relocate is used on your working copies after the above has been done.

Here's the documentation.