R – How to obtain a sketch or hand-drawn look in Silverlight for various controls


I am looking to create a Silverlight application that employs a control style similar to what one might see when using Balsamiq Mockups or SketchFlow.

I am not sure how this look is best achieved in Silverlight. My initial thought is that clever use of a pixel shader effect on the desired control might just do the trick, however, my searches for a similar solution have failed.

What might be the best approach for drawing controls with a hand-drawn look in Silverlight?

Can this be done with a custom pixel shader?

Note: I am using Silverlight 3, but would not be opposed to using Silverlight 4 Beta if it provided a more elegant solution to the problem.

Best Solution

This guy has a HandDrawnBorder style in the source he provides on his website. An example of using his styles is shown here. It does say that this is for the Beta2 of WPF but that the source should compile and be usable in later releases.

EDIT: Looks like the download is broken. Might have to do some hunting...