How to pass enumerated values to a web service


My dilemma is, basically, how to share an enumeration between two applications.

The users upload documents through a front-end application that is on the web. This application calls a web service of the back-end application and passes the document to it. The back-end app saves the document and inserts a row in the Document table.

The document type (7 possible document types: Invoice, Contract etc.) is passed as a parameter to the web service's UploadDocument method. The question is, what should the type (and possible values) of this parameter be?

Since you need to hardcode these values in both applications, I think it is O.K. to use a descriptive string (Invoice, Contract, WorkOrder, SignedWorkOrder).

Is it maybe a better approach to create a DocumentTypes enumeration in the first application, and to reproduce it also in the second application, and then pass the corresponding integer value to the web service between them?

Best Solution

I'd suggest against passing an integer between them, simply for purposes of readability and debugging. Say you're going through your logs and you see a bunch of 500 errors for DocumentType=4. Now you've got to go look up which DocumentType is 4. Or if one of the applications refers to a number that doesn't exist in the other, perhaps due to mismatched versions.

It's a bit more code, and it rubs the static typing part of the brain a bit raw, but in protocols on top of HTTP the received wisdom is to side with legible strings over opaque enumerations.

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