Ruby-on-rails – How to redirect to previous page in Ruby On Rails


I have a page that lists all of the projects that has sortable headers and pagination.


I choose to edit one of the projects


When I click save on that page, it calls the projects controller / update method. After I update the code I want to redirect to the path that I was on before I clicked edit a specific project. In other words, I want to be on the same page with the same sorting.

I saw link_to(:back) and thought that :back may work in redirect_to(:back), but that's a no go.

puts YAML::dump(:back) 
yields the following:

Any ideas on How I could get this to work. It seems like a problem that would be easily solved, but I'm new to RoR.

Best Solution

In your edit action, store the requesting url in the session hash, which is available across multiple requests:

session[:return_to] ||= request.referer

Then redirect to it in your update action, after a successful save:

redirect_to session.delete(:return_to)