Ruby – How to remove RVM (Ruby Version Manager) from the system


How can I remove RVM (Ruby Version Manager) from my system?

Best Solution

There's a simple command built-in that will pull it:

rvm implode

This will remove the rvm/ directory and all the rubies built within it. In order to remove the final trace of rvm, you need to remove the rvm gem, too, if you installed that:

gem uninstall rvm

There may be elements left over from a Homebrew, Apt or DNF install of it that require removal as well. This depends on how you installed it in the first place. That clean-up step is optional, as RVM will no longer be involved in Ruby, but can help keep things organized.

If you've made modifications to your PATH you might want to pull those, too. Check your .bashrc, .profile and .bash_profile files, among other things.

You may also have an /etc/rvmrc file, or one in your home directory ~/.rvmrc that may need to be removed as well.