Gradle – How to run only one unit test class using Gradle


I am new to Gradle. I use Gradle 1.10 and Ubuntu 13.

I want to know if there's any command to execute only one unit test class, similar to testOnly in SBT.

Best Solution

To run a single test class Airborn's answer is good.

With using some command line options, which found here, you can simply do something like this.

gradle test --tests org.gradle.SomeTest.someSpecificFeature
gradle test --tests *SomeTest.someSpecificFeature
gradle test --tests *SomeSpecificTest
gradle test --tests*
gradle test --tests *IntegTest
gradle test --tests *IntegTest*ui*
gradle test --tests *IntegTest.singleMethod
gradle someTestTask --tests *UiTest someOtherTestTask --tests *WebTest*ui

From version 1.10 of gradle it supports selecting tests, using a test filter. For example,

apply plugin: 'java'

test {
  filter {
    //specific test method
      includeTestsMatching "org.gradle.SomeTest.someSpecificFeature"

     //specific test method, use wildcard for packages
     includeTestsMatching "*SomeTest.someSpecificFeature"

     //specific test class
     includeTestsMatching "org.gradle.SomeTest"

     //specific test class, wildcard for packages
     includeTestsMatching "*.SomeTest"

     //all classes in package, recursively
     includeTestsMatching "com.gradle.tooling.*"

     //all integration tests, by naming convention
      includeTestsMatching "*IntegTest"

     //only ui tests from integration tests, by some naming convention
     includeTestsMatching "*IntegTest*ui"

For multi-flavor environments (a common use-case for Android), check this answer, as the --tests argument will be unsupported and you'll get an error.