How to save username and password with Mercurial


I used Mercurial in a personal project, and I have been typing my username and password every time I want to push something to the server.

I tried adding the following to the .hgrc file in my home directory, but it seems to be completely ignored.

username = MY_USER_NAME
password = MY_PASSWORD

How to do this the right way?

Best Solution

You can make an auth section in your .hgrc or Mercurial.ini file, like so:

bb.prefix =
bb.username = foo
bb.password = foo_passwd

The ‘bb’ part is an arbitrary identifier and is used to match prefix with username and password - handy for managing different username/password combos with different sites (prefix)

You can also only specify the user name, then you will just have to type your password when you push.

I would also recommend to take a look at the keyring extension. Because it stores the password in your system’s key ring instead of a plain text file, it is more secure. It is bundled with TortoiseHg on Windows, and there is currently a discussion about distributing it as a bundled extension on all platforms.