How to set a textbox to multi-line in SSRS


I have a report with many fields that I'm trying to get down to 1 page horizontally (I don't care whether it's 2 or 200 pages vertically… just don't want to have to deal with 2 pages wide by x pages long train-wreck). That said, it deals with contact information.

My idea was to do:

Name:      Address:   City:      State:    ...
Jon Doe    Addr1      ThisTown    XX       ...    
Jane Doe   Addr1      ThisTown    XX       ...

Is there some way to set a textbox to be multi-line (or the SQL result)? Have I missed something bloody obvious?

The CanGrow Property is on by default, and I've double checked that this is true. My problem is that I don't know how to force a line-break. I get the 3 address fields that just fills a line, then wraps to another. I've tried /n, \n (since I can never remember which is the correct slash to put), <br>, <br /> (since the report will be viewed in a ReportViewer control in an ASP.NET website). I can't think of any other ways to wrap the text.

Is there some way to get the results from the database as 3 lines of text/characters?

Best Solution

Alter the report's text box to:

= Fields!Addr1.Value + VbCrLf + 
  Fields!Addr2.Value + VbCrLf +