Xamarin – How to set the name of a Label in Xamarin Forms


I'm trying to add a name to a label so I can find it using the Content.FindByName<>() method

as far as I can tell the Xamarin.Forms.Label() class doesn't have a Name property

Here is my page class

public class HelloWordCodePage : ContentPage
    public Label HelloWorldLabel;

    public HelloWordCodePage()
        HelloWorldLabel = new Label{Text = "Hello World", };

    public void ConstructView()
        Content = new StackLayout
            Children =

Best Solution

If you define your label in Xaml, you can use this syntex:

<Label x:Name="YourLableName" Text="A simple Label" />

And then access it in the code behind like this

YourLableName.Text = "bla bla"

However, if you don't use Xaml, and all your page definition is found in the code behind, you should keep a reference to that label in order to access it instead of finding it using Content.FindByName<>() as @Sten Petrov commented

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