How to Set the URL property of a Web Browser control to a String


I'm using a Web Browser control in C# and I'd like to be able to plug in different URLs depending on other things that have happened in the program. How can I set the URL property to a string in the code? Can I convert a string to the System.Uri type?

string link;
string searchedtitle = "The+Italian+Job";
link = "" + searchedtitle + "&x=0y=0";
WbBrowser.Url = link; // This is what I don't know how to do

Something to that effect would be ideal, where I could change 'searchedtitle' within the program somewhere else and still have it run properly. Unfortunately, the Url property is of type System.Uri, and I only have a System.String.

Best Solution

WbBrowser.Url is of type Uri so you need to use

WbBrowser.Url = new Uri(link);
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