Visual-studio – How to show how many lines of code the project contains in Visual Studio?


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How do you count the lines of code in a Visual Studio solution?

How can I show the code metrics window in Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1? I'm looking to see how many total lines of code my project is for school and I can't find it.

The help file said to go to View->Other Windows->Code Metrics, but this option is not available to me. I also tried right-clicking the project in the Solution Explorer to see if there was an option but there wasn't.

Where is this mythical unicorn of a feature? If the Pro version doesn't have this feature has anyone found a simple external method to count the lines in all .cs files in an automated way?

Best Solution

You don't need 3rd party tools, just press CTRL+SHIFT+F, and in the window that pops up choose "use regular expression". Use this Regular Expression:


For Visual Studio 2012 and above the regular expression is: